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Family Face Off

Instructions for Hosting a Game

How To Play the competition

There are no set rules on how to play the game.  You can use this game however you want.  These instructions will get you from signing up to hosting the actual game.

You know how to play the popular family-friendly feud game you've seen on TV.  Here, you get to decide the questions and your guests get to provide the answers.
  1. Register FREE.  Don't worry about getting a lot of email because of signing up.  We hate that as much as you.  And we don't have the time!
  2. Log in and decide which questions you want to include in your competition.
  3. Tell all your guests - or anyone - about the game.  You can have any number of responses per question, but 50 is probably a good minimum recommendation.
  4. Check the answers for mispellings, similar answers, inappropriate answers, etc. and make sure they are set.
  5. Print out the answer sheets.
  6. Do a test run.  The game isn't complicated.  But it will help whoever is the Master of Ceremonies to be familiar with running it.
  7. Play the game!  Have an interesting time.
Don't worry, we'll offer hints and advice throughout the process.

If you and your group are motivated, you can prepare a competition with very little notice.  But it is best to give you and your friends, co-workers, or family plenty of time before the party.

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