Family Face Off Game

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Family Face Off

We offer 2 types of games.

Stock Questions and Answers

The first uses stock questions we provide. You only have to learn how to run the game and play it. If you want a tutorial on how to play our most popular version, click here.

Customized Questions and Answers

The second allows you to write your own questions (or use ours), but you have to survey your own people and get their answers. This allows you to completely customize your game. However, it will require A LOT of work on your part. You need a lot of people (minimum of at least 75, preferable 100 or more) to fill out the survey. Then, you will have to go through all their answers and combine synonyms and similar answers (for example, "Name a method of transportation" may give answers like, "car - 20", "auto - 8", "cars - 7", etc. Or if you ask, "Name a chore people don't like to do", you can to combine "house cleaning - 10", and then decide if "dusting - 6" and "making the bed - 5" and " cleaning the toilets - 4" should all be combined into "house cleaning - 25" or if you want all those different answers. There is a tool to combine all those answers but it still takes time. If you want to learn how to do this game, click here.

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