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Family Face Off

Name a popular game where contestants and their families try to guess the most common answer from a survey of 100 people

Now, improve that game by having your family and friends provide their own answers before the competition.  Now you've got Family Face Off!  This web site allows you to run your own version of the classic TV game show FREE.

Just like the family-favorite feud TV game show, competition allows you to run a game where contestants try to guess the most popular responses to survey questions.  But with this game, you and your guests are the ones who provide the survey answers.  And, you choose what questions you wanted to include in your game.  You can even write your own questions or choose from the long list of questions that you can select for your game.

Here are Some Sample Questions You Might Use

Once you are ready to play the game, you can use the popular format of the game.

There are some variations on the game you can incorporate:

Have the teams stay at their tables.  Announce how many answers there are.  Read the question and give the teams a half minute to write their answers.  Each match gets the team that number of points.  Play as many rounds as you want and add up the scores to find the overall winner.

Divide the dance floor area into 5 clearly marked sections.  Name them A through E.  Read the question and tell all the guests to go to section A if they think the first answer you read is most popular.  Tell them to go to section B if they think answer B is the most popular, and on.  Once everyone is in a section reveal the most popular answer.  Ask everyone NOT in that section to sit down.  Repeat this part except that now you are looking for the SECOND most popular answer.  Through process of elimination, either get 1 winner (only allow the first person in a section to stay) or a small group that you can use for another game as a team.

The rounds can be played many times with enough questions.  If you have a lot of guests, you can run a tournament, allowing the winner to continue on.  Just make sure that you have equal numbers in each team.

Run the feud live at your next event. Determine the 10 contestants to be divided into 2 teams. Prepare the questions and offer them to everyone in the room except the players with a smart phone or other internet ready devise. Then, run the game with the people who didn't see the questions. This can be repeated all night with new contestants and new questions. Remember that guests can share smart phones so people without them can still fill out the survey.

What is your favorite way to play the game?  Email us below with your ideas

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